The genius of the knowing is worthless without the genius of the one understanding

Putting a strategy into action is like an expedition. You know exactly where you want to go but the terrain along the way is largely unknown: Digitalisation, disruptive markets, but also old ways of thinking and established patterns of behaviour are examples of impassable terrain.

As experts on StrategyActivation our teams support you in taking this journey. We work for clients from over 12 industries. Among them are 11 of the DAX 30 companies and many leading medium-sized companies.

Together we....

  • Identify the key barriers and levers for strategy execution to find the fastest way to your success.
  • create a common understanding of your strategic goals: Everyone has the same clear goal in mind, speaks with one voice and works together as one team.
  • Activate your vision, strategy or other important goals such as (digital) transformation, cultural change or sales increase.
  • Clarify the "Why, "How" and "What" and break down your strategic ambitions to concrete objectives and key results (OKR) in the moments of daily business with the highest lever for future success
  • Work on a new agile mindset in (middle) management and turn a "yes, but..." attitude into construcitve mutal "thinking and acting ahead".
  • Master complexity and make "the new" d.irectly tangible in controlled experiments and sprints for continuous improvement.

If you are looking for experts for the missions listed above or comparable tasks on this journey, then get in touch with us.

The MLI Leadership Institute helps you breath life into your strategy and unify business and employee interests.